NexAnnuity Overview

We partner with established insurance companies to develop retirement solutions built around the skills and sophistication of NexAnnuity’s robust investment network.

Offered through trusted insurance partners, NexAnnuity retirement solutions provide unique access to a multibillion-dollar alternative investment platform and financial services affiliate group.

NexAnnuity partners with insurance companies to power innovative retirement solutions.
Provider Partnership

NexAnnuity’s has partnered with a longstanding insurance company that has been operating for over 113 years and has licenses in 46 states and District of Columbia.

Supported by the expertise of leading service providers, this partnership approach helps ensure best-in-class customer service and business operations.

Affiliate Network

NexAnnuity is backed by the resources and expertise of a multibillion-dollar institutional investment platform and financial services affiliate network.

The NexAnnuity affiliate network includes a platform of registered investment advisers and an FDIC-regulated bank, among other businesses across the financial services industry.

Product Innovation

NexAnnuity develops new, creative retirement products with industry leading rates.

Our unique access to investment expertise and operational resources creates efficiencies that benefit policyholders through a leading crediting rate, as well as advisers through leading commissions.

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